There were always reports of "specially gifted individuals who establish contact with their environment in an unusual way, they can even influence it, with a mere strength of thought". The cause of those phenomena would have to be some still unknown kind of energy.

Throughout the centuries, individuals from different cultural communities and civilizations have been developing and handing down healing methods. They have also been widening the comprehension of the possibilities of human consciousness and researching the marvelous functioning of human organism in order to achieve happiness and health.

There are many theories about the energy-flow in a human body. The fact is that the energy continuously transforms throughout the body, but it would be incorrect to identify life force with breathing, bloodstream or nervous system.

Lifeforce, as a transformation of cosmic energy, is above all physiological functions in an organism, and without it, they could not exist. Although we aren't trained to see a human and his essence as energy, we have to know that its unrestricted flow throughout the organism is crucial for human health.

Knowing that the human organism is the largest known pharmacy, and by bringing the cosmic energy to it, we are waking up the immune system (that universal doctor within) to cure the affected body.

If we would eliminate the possibility of familiar energy sources in which we feel and experience through five of our classical senses, we would be talking of a phenomenon that is not yet explained by any of scientific disciplines or known physical laws.

This phenomenon Does exist!!!

But to this day, Science is unable to explain its nature, harness the concept, and put it to use.

The traditional ways of healing, which can be represented in a line of therapeutical techniques (bioenergy, Shiatsu acupressure, chiropractic, phototherapy, acupuncture, etc..) justified the need for its activities and have been recognized by the World Health Organization in 1976. In this way, the growing influence and reputation of the new approach to the human health in which the starting point in the concept of Energy in medicine, was officially confirmed. This approach covers a wide area of activities from preventive measures, healing methods, and/or the biotherapy which all play a significant role.

Biotherapy - psychoenergotherapy , in cooperation with classical rehab programs, eliminates numerous diseases and health problems.

The man who wants to be healthy and to monitor his health condition, can accomplish that by turning himself towards man and nature and also by opening his heart to life and love. A positive attitude like this is integral part of helping the ill and energetically unbalanced organism.

Bioenergetic treatment is a reinstatement of energetic balance in a human organism. It has established that directing bioenergy toward the organism and then has a highly therapeutic effect.

The energy induced in the healing process is stimulated on a physical level throughout all energetic centers. Those energetic centers are primary points for biotherapeutical impact.

They are placed along the spine, and by stimulating their activity, we can affect the energetic body.

The interrelation of mental and physical functions creates the conditions for Bioenergetic influence, which is specifically directed at the therapists mind. The healer or Biotherapist uses the unlimited possibilities of creative thought and thereby performs a top-level transformation of energy into a healing state.

At the same time, that is the life foundation itself, the condition and the only possibility of human existence and influence. When one speaks of energetic structure of human organism, one is aiming at his mental world, the form of consciousness defining him.

The lack or surplus of bioenergy disturbs the harmony of Bioenergetic body and creates prerequisites for the beginning of disease. The stories of the surplus of bioenergy, warmth in hands, and the uncontrollable need or urge to give that surplus away to the ill has caused a lot of misconceptions and also monopolized one of the more valuable methods – The Hand Method.

In other words, every organism, if healthy and in balance, has neither more nor less but the amount of bioenergy it needs for a living.

In the moment of healing, the healer/Biotherapist doesn't give away anything of their own – they are merely a transmitter of cosmic or divine energy which they are conducting into the affected organism.

The body, as an energetic structure is in constant interaction with its environment. We are all able to send and receive the forces and energies that surround us.

Our entire physical, mental and sensible body is stocking up with these energies and without them survival is impossible. This energetic charge from Earth and outer space and the flow of that (unseen) energy, enables the life on this planet. When we stand up, our vertical position allows the dynamic flow of the energy. All the powers of Universe, including the power of human consciousness, are the transformations of cosmic energy.

The name of Dr.Tasic become known beyond the borders of our country. He is a humanist, quiet, calm, emotionally strong, well intentioned, humane and besides all-powerful.

His power cannot be explained for sure as we know nothing about it. It is known only to the people he helped and there are many of them.

The science he studies is not quite familiar to our contemporary science and probably never will be.

In contemporary science we can confirm it by proveing realistically or registering it chemically. What Dr.Tasic does is very hard to be registered but the results can most definitely be registered. The science he is occupied with, Bioenergy, helps many people.

Dr. Tasic and his healing capabilities should be differentiated from many others that try to pose as such or possibly want to imitate him.

Wisdom, kindness, strength, power, results cannot be imitated. Imitation is impossible where the results are successful and real. No one can imitate Jesus Christ who was mighty, strong healer.

The eastern cultures and civilizations were not familiar with modern achievements in medical science but they were living and curing. Bioenergy is a power we know it works.

Today, Dr. Jovan Tasic, has the divine gift and ability to help people.

Why should I talk about Dr. Tasic and write a review for this book? The reason is that my institution where I spent many years with children from "Children Village" in Sremska Kamenica knows best for power, humanity and results of Dr. Tasic gift. My children came to him and he cured them from enuresis nocturna. There were twenty of them with this problem and all of them are now thanking this healer today and waking up in dry bed.