prof. dr Tadija Erakovic

prof. dr Tadija Eraković defektologThe name of dr Tasic become known over the borders of our country. He is a humanist, quiet, calm, emotionally strong, well intentioned, humane and besides all-powerful.

What his power is no one can explain for sure as we know nothing about it. It is known only to the people he helped and there are many of them.

The science he studies is not quite familiar to our contemporary science and probably never will be.

In the contemporary science we know that we can confirm, prove realistically or register it chemically. What dr Tasic does is very hard to be registered but the results can be registered. That science he is occupied with, we call, bioenergy, helps many people.

Dr Tasic and his healing capabilities should be differentiated from many others that pose as such or they want to imitate him.

Wisdom, kindness, strength, power, results cannot be imitated. Imitation is impossible where the results are successful and real. No one can imitate Jesus Christ who was mighty, strong healer.

The east cultures, the east civilizations were not familiar with modern achievements in medical science but they were living and curing. How bioenergy is a power we don't know but it works.

Today, probably with divine gift Jovan Tasic, as probably many others, has such abilities to help people.

Why me to talk about dr Tasic and write a review for this book? The reason is that my institution where I spent many years with children from "Children Village" in Sremska Kamenica knows best for power, humanity and results of dr Tasic. My little children came to him and cured from enuresis nocturna. There were about twenty of them with this problem and all of them thanking to this healer today wake up happy in dry bed.