Prim. dr Gordana Bojić-Kolarski

Spec. kardiolog interniststa Kliničkog centra u Novom Sadu i spec. homeopatije

Prim. dr Gordana Bojić-KolarskiI am the cardiologist in official, classic, orthodox medicine although I deal with homeopathy that I graduated. Therefore I am familiar with classical medicine and many other regions of alternative branches of medicine besides homeopathy. That is the way I came into the ordination of dr Tasic, I was one of the doctors very curious to see and learn what happens here. What I want to say is that each phenomenon that is not explained sufficiently and each one that is strange goes through some of three phases of acceptance: the first "it's impossible"; the second "Oh, there is something" and the third is something like this "Oh, we knew it long time ago!"

If you ask me for the attitude of the official medicine, I think that we, doctors are still somewhere in the first and second phase; "It's impossible!" or "There is something..." while our patients know the third one for long as they tried out and feel the results of these branches of alternative medicine. Namely, official medicine for now doesn't show a cooperation it should do and to reconcile the two medicines in some way, because official medicine knows very little about energetics medicine because it mostly deals with patient's physical body and knows little about existing human electromagnetic anatomy. Dr Tasic told you many things about it and I wouldn't like to repeat. I can only say that I am included in all this as a witness from orthodox medicine side who can bear witness to everything that has happened in this ordination for last ten years. During these ten years about ten thousand patients went through this place and they can say much more than I might be able.

I'm an associate for the last three, four years but many other doctors are included especially in keeping the medical documentations what is very important and is used as a sort of proof that it is so. That means confirmation of the state before and after bioenergetics treatment with all necessary information referring to laboratories and certain diagnostic procedures needed for certain cases.

On the question "What are your impressions as a doctor?", dr Gordana Bojic says - "My impression is that it is high time that official, orthodox medicine reconcile with alternative branches of medicine and to realize that there are no different kinds of medicine but one medicine that helps humans should be acceptable. Whereby, in my opinion, two things are important: every man has right to decide how and what way he is going to cure.

Today as democratic society I think it is very important that man has right to choose what he wants, from one side and from the other side the most important principle is "not to harm" anyone. You've heard dr Tasic as he said that he would not promise anything, he always says: "we should try". Unfortunately the patients that come here, I have seen, are those who classical medicine in a sort of way, described as hopeless and they lost their hope until they came to the ordination of dr Tasic. There should be always a hope for something that could be done to help someone.

Here are very difficult cases, above all neurology ones. This is not a field I'm dealing with - as you know I'm an internist - cardiologist. However my task is as the member of medical council, to see practically all branches of medicine and as on internist I can say that the hardest damages are neurology ones, neurology damages then disorders in the development on neurology level where classical medicine has excellent diagnostics but in therapeutic sense it offers completely nothing. Here with his gold hands or as he says "Divine gift", dr Tasic can help a lot.