Drasko Acimovic

Heals with heart and knowledge

There are lots of people selling false hope in Serbia today, swindlers and witchdoctors toying with sick people, proclaiming and advertising themselves as "messiahs", "prophets", "bioenergetic potentials", "healers" - Many "colleagues" of dr Tasic, all kinds of troublemakers, advertising through popular TV stations, while dr Tasic proves himself by the number of patients cured. He is unique by his bio treatments, so he became, as doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists agree, an ace of traditional medicine and most qualified Serbian extra sensor, parapsychologist and biotherapist. People turn to him for the last hope (after being unsuccessfully treated by "people in white" and witchdoctors), and they leave with a smile on their face, content and healthy. All of them are neatly filed in the database in the Center for Traditional Medicine "dr Tasic" in Novi Sad.

Many of paralyzed children and men walked again, and one woman danced the waltz with her healer! Toddlers whom the doctors foresaw blindness, after dr Tasic's therapies - could see! After transferring miraculous energy from his hands disappear the metastasis from the breasts of women with breast tumor. People leave his practice cured from: diabetes, migraine, depression, epilepsy, stuttering, bed wetting, dangerous leukemia, heart and stomach diseases; artists with their self-respect regained, singers with their voices, and some people, condemned to be dwarfs, started growing after his treatments!?

Nikola Grbic (Yugoslav volleyball ace) might have never again played volleyball, after his hand injury, haven't he been to the therapies at dr Tasic. Some of the patients in his Center for traditional medicine were Dusko Trifuncevic, alias Handsome Bora, eliminated diabetes, Ivancevic (Balkan wrestling champion), basketball player Slobodan Jankovic, volleyball players Andrija Geric and Dragana Zakula, boxer Tadija Kacar, acress Ivana Zigon... In the remarkable book "100 most important pesrons of Novi Sad" dr Tasic is in the company of Mika Antic, Monika Seles, Djordje Balasevic, Draska Redzep, Todor Veselinovic, Radoman Bozovic, Milan Paroski. Doctor Tasic is the only Serbian biopractitioner and an official doctor - biotherapist of Sports society "Vojvodina", counting over a thousand sport persons.

His achievements in the field of traditional medicine, and stories of the cured patients, are in his books "I cured the Written-Offs " and "The written-offs walk again ". Film director Milan Belegisanin made a one-hour documentary about him "Waltz of Hope ", which received several awards on international festivals of documentary picture. Real testimonies of this doctor's work are captured on the video "The Tales of The Cured".

It is known that a man is as real as is his energy. Aristotle said that the hand is organ above organs, tool above tools and dr Tasic proved that in practice.

Because of his unselfishness, humanitarian actions, solidarity donations, dr Tasic has been called a man with big heart and soul. He is great as a humanist, a man, a doctor, a healer, and humble when he talks of himself. He has wisdom, goodness, gentleness, meekness and joy of life... All those features he gives away like a gift from heaven to other people and children, said about him prof. dr Tadija Erakovic.

Author of this book was convinced of quality and humanitarian mission of this great healer and first of all, great man. A man is a beauty of the world. Real mankind is more valuable than all the beauty of earth. Real beauty is named human. I have the honor and a great pleasure to be able to say that dr Jovan Tasic is a true, honest friend of mine, one of the few.

Drasko Acimovic, journalist and publicist