dr Borislava Kovacevic

dr Borislava Kovačević specijaliista sportske medicineWe don't know many things about the eastern medicine that means bioenergy, acupuncture, acupressure and other medical branches that we call alternative medicine. The first time when acupuncture showed it was a sort of bugbear. We didn't know what it was. When we studied it little and researched the eastern medicine, acupuncture it was accepted by present medicine. The same situation is with bioenergy. It is not studied enough. If humans cannot see it if they cannot touch it then they do not believe in that. Few of them only believe in it.

As I follow dr Tasic work for twelve years I explain it this way. Bioenergetics ways are invisible, we believe and do things we can see and we see blood, nerve and lymph etc. ways. They are tactile and we can do something there and medicine science, that official orthodox one deals with it. But bioenergy and bioenergetics ways are not visible and that's the reason why many people are skeptic here and they do not accept it. Following his work for twelve years I realized that these are also the ways that help people in curing or disease occurrence. As for example if the arteries are blocked we say that it is thromb. It means some blockage. It is the same when in bioenergetics ways some blockage occurs or soma stoppage that causes any disease or state. By removing it the disease or state is brought back in a normal state.

Dr Borislava Kovacevic explains it as a person who has studied medical science, as follows; Medicine studies came to a certain limit and there is a full stop. But at dr Tasic it is not a full stop, there is a comma and the following. Being familiar with his work and the medical findings of many specialist and doctors of reputation in ex Yugoslavia and outside Yugoslavia I am aware that medicine cannot help and that it is an end. However at dr Tasic it is not an end, I realize that. Children have begun to see, talk, walk. I'll never forget little Rasa from Gajdobra who has begun to walk in front of me. And I know that curing from cerebral paralyses and psychophysical development disorders are promising little practically nothing could be done and it ends there.

We should get familiar with branches of eastern medicine that means we should read, learn and ask. We should observe, compare with official medicine - I do it like that - I compare what I have learnt and I continue learning and reading. Our profession is like that that we should keep learning and following with other branches and connecting that with present orthodox medicine. All think that they are a sort of medical charlatan, people that want to take money from someone's trouble but I would not agree with that. I admit that there are many of them but dr Tasic works in Novi Sad long time and I follow his work for twelve years and I think that he is an expert for bioenergy and a doctor in that field.