Dimitrijević Anđela, 7 years old, Despotovac

ANĐELA HAS STARTED WALKING - Anđela is our third child, we also have two daughters, one is 12 years old , and another is 8 years old and, thank God, they are both healthy and very advanced children, father Predrag says. Anđela was born as a perfectly normal child, and everything was fine during pregnancy and through childbirth. The child was developing normally until her third and a half month. With three and a half months we took her to the Health Center in Despotovac, where we live, more precisely on 18 April 2003 to receive the vaccine. After she received the vaccine, the first crisis of consciousness occurred the next day. We took the child to Ćuprija to the emergency room a few days later. There was a doctor on call who did some simulants examination, she said that the child cannot hear, does not respond, and she does not know what happened to the child, and then she made an appointment with the children's neurologist in Ćuprija. Since this examination was scheduled for about two weeks from then, we could not wait so we immediately went to our Health Center and asked for a referral to Belgrade.

We took Anđela to Belgrade at the end of March. We went to Tiršova to neurology where the first examination took place, given that there was no room for her to stay in the hospital we waited for hospitalization until 14 April. Anđela was first hospitalized on 14 April where testing and analyzes began, and so did the speculations about her state, and she began receiving one therapy after another…

Angela received eight kinds of therapies and those were: EFTIL, SABRIT, LAMIKTAL, RIVOTRIL, etc. until we found the CENTER TASIĆ. She was receiving Topamaks and none of that gave any results, and she was getting worse. She was treated and still is being treated from official medicine, but none of these therapies gave any results, although she took the therapy regularly. And then on 20 August 2004 we came for the first time at dr. Tasić’s office.

Dr.Tasić received us, and after the first therapy I asked him What? How? Is there any hope for our child?
He said that there is hope for Anđela, that we need to be patient and work with her a lot. Anđela was all hypotonic then, with 30 to 40 attacks per day, so she had full muscle hypotonia and was not holding her head at all, nor sitting.

After the double therapy that she received at dr. Tasić’s, she began to move around, the attacks were happening less frequently and she was generally better, what gave us hope to continue.

After the first and the second therapy, Anđela had x-ray examination in clinic in Belgrade.

The x-ray examination showed a very significant improvement, considering that she had total dysrhythmia of the brain in general.

On the May 6, 2007, Anđela started walking, she stood on her feet. It was a great dream for us to see Anđela stand on her feet even though the official medicine gave up on her. Now she is walking, she is using her hands, pronouncing a few words and is feeling much better mentally.