Center dr Tasic

tradicionalna medicinaHere in our Center, i.e. "Center dr Tasic" in Novi Sad methods of traditional medicine are practiced such as: shiatsu, acupressure chiropractic, bioenergy, psycho-energy therapy, the most superior method in traditional medicine, phytotheraphy, acupuncture. These methods in cooperation with official medicine together with other methods give a complex curing that helps a patient with curing and healing of fatal diseases for official medicine such as; cancers, epilepsy, retardation, psychomotorics, cerebral paralysis, diabetes, myoma, tumors, cyst, dioptry, hearing. That means where the official medicine has stopped, where there was no help, we together with official medicine, that means with our methods give top results and help those sick people.

What is exactly done? A healer, it means a man occupied with this, doesn't give anything of his own, he is only a transmitter of that cosmic energy, Divine energy, that he brings to a sick organism in order to activate the universal doctor within human organism, defense system, to make a medicine for himself. Every organism is sick because unbalance occurred due to irregular relation to a life, nutrition, stresses to which we are unfortunately exposed every day. They broke that system and made a condition for a disease. That's the reason why these methods work on the disease causes. It means that methods of official medicine, medicament therapies, operations, tumor removal are the secondary things where we don't return on the disease cause, it means that there is always the possibility of relapse. Curing and healing with our methods are permanent. Why? Because by bringing an organism in balance we have already made a precondition for problem removal by itself, making a medicine for itself. It makes the superiority of these methods and what is the most important is that it could not harm.

tradicionalna medicinaFor example talking about children it could be possible that the unbalance happened during a pregnancy or delivery although there are fait or karmic diseases where we cannot mostly effect, even curing by any of methods cannot help much.

But it is not up to us to make judgments but to put my hands on a sick patient and let happen what should happen. I won't harm such patient that means I'll help him. What is sad, it is really a lot of children in this therapy. Children usually come with cerebral paralysis, psychomotor retardation, epilepsy, diabetes, problems with sight, blindness, i.e. undeveloped eye nerves. It exactly shows that sometimes mistake can happen during a delivery. The problem can be while mother is carrying her child, that certain genes are carried with her, certain information that child receives. Unfortunately, children are born with such damages. Such children take our therapies and we start with curing.

At the very beginning such patients should be said that curing would last long, systematically, nothing will happen in two, three days or five days. Although there are cases where a child after twelve years of paralysis stands on its feet, makes few steps only after five, six days of the therapy. But these are rear cases and they show that human mind, cannot rule over life and death. Results are unpredictable.

We don't admit a patient who doesn't bring medical findings. Why? Because our patients have certain chronic disease for years. That means that they suffer from lumboisialgia, which causes in 80 % discus hernia; they come with epilepsy lasting for about ten years, as we know that epilepsy is incurable in official medicine. In fact when brain is in question, the whole world science and we all are silent. Why? Because 7-14% of brain we do know, use, and cure as well. Everything in front of us is the darkness. Imagine, this is 14 cm and this is 1 m, look how much darkness is in front of us. And we again go back to a brain what I don't know better than a neuropsychiater. I only ask for EEG, CT and I don't analyze it, I don't read it, I only put my hands on that little head on that sick child and I want to help. The results come. The organism is being brought in an energetic balance; the information from brain comes completely to periphery centers and returns. We often have problems with elephantiasis, which is so called elephant legs, we have got problem even at stroke results when hand or leg cannot be moved. That means the problem is that information goes to periphery centers but we haven't got hand nerve-supply and it doesn't return. These therapies above all help that information from the center, brain comes to periphery centers and return.

tradicionalna medicinaWhile make movements and I work I diagnose. My hands are X-ray machine; I feel where damage occurred, excess of energy and where unbalance is. I bring energy to the spot where it lacks, I bring the information and it is difficult. The moment I work is one special state. It could not be said that it is hypnosis or delirium but is special state in which I come into easily and I can easily include in it. It is known that shamans i.e. healers in the tribes in order to do this had to eat salt to activate salivary glands that at the same time are aerials for cosmic energy. In order to receive and activate that energy they would spit at patients, as that salt was energetically full in order to heal the patient. I easily bring myself to a state to be the receiver and transmitter respectively - to be between this here and esotery.

It is a special state - I can see and feel my surrounding but in the first place is human organism that I see as an energetic ball and I see its six energetic centers being on a body and the seventh one being outside the body: at male above head, at female down towards ground. So I start moving slowly along these centers and I see where unbalance happened. Charging of these centers (whereby organ is irrelevant) and bringing these centers into balance and then dedication to certain organs that are damaged.

tradicionalna medicinaFor example; when I treat diabetes, working on pancreas, I draw it out I visualize it. Therefore it is necessary that man who deals with traditional medicine is familiar with anatomy and human organism. It is difficult to visualize, to draw it out if you don't know how it looks like. I draw it out energetically provoke it to start secreting insulin because in 80% of diabetes cases pancreas is healthy but blockade happened due to wrong nutrition, overweight or stresses. It is blocked and cannot secret insulin. At diabetes, every day we check glucose and as values of glucose drop we exclude the synthetic insulin in order to avoid pancreas to become lazy as it begins to secret its own insulin.

Speaking about kidneys the same situation is. The visualization takes place at kidneys and all other organs. While bending a spine at psychochinese, during the treatment of scoliosis e.g. spine is brought in unnatural position as the patient bends completely. Here dematerialization of spine happens, otherwise spine cracking would happen - it is taking out astral i.e. energetic part from another part of the body. Then I work on that astral part. While I do this you don't see me, you can only feel me - what you see is only a body - used to place in our complete energetic part.